Meet the Team


Angelus Kalen, Master of the Chicago Order

(Chapter Leader)


Angelus Kalen has been involved with the Jedi community for well over a decade and has become a respected member. In 2006, he started the Chicago Jedi. As founder and Master of the Chicago Order, Angelus provides direction and leadership. He oversees the council and makes sure the chapter operates effectively.


Tallan Kai-Dan, Ambassador of the Chicago Jedi Order

(Head of Promotions)

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Tallan Kai-Dan is a "jack of all trades" often referred as our Jedi MacGyver. He assists in the promotion of the Chicago Jedi. Tallan organizes our appearances at conventions, libraries, and other venues.


Rikael Volntis, Consular of the Chicago Jedi Order

(Head of Membership)


Rikael Volntis has her fingers on the pulse of geek culture. She works to ensure people feel they are part of the group. Rikael manages member relations and helps create a welcoming environment.


Raphael Ben Raven, Guardian of the Chicago Jedi Order

(Head of Education)

Raphael Ben Raven

With over 30 years in the martial arts, Raphael Ben Raven offers his experience to the Jedi Path. As the Guardian, he offers support to Knights as he oversees the training of Padawans. He also teaches lightsaber skills and choregraphs combat maneuvers.


Zen-Ryo Senshi, Sentinel of the Chicago Order

(Head of Business)

Zen Ryo Senshi

For much of his life, Zen-Ryo Senshi has been interested in philosophy and spiritual pursuits. Knighted in 2010, he continues to grow in his commitment to and enrichment from the Jedi Path. As the Sentinel of the Chicago Order, he is involved in the administration of the businees affairs and other activities.


Boom Darklighter, Scholar of the Chicago Jedi Order

(Executive Advisor)

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Boom Darklighter, a professional writer, comes to us with a background in the SCA. She supports the leader in the operations of the organization. As Scholar of the Chicago Order, Boom integrates the Jedi Path with our real world lives.


Kraitus Trodráke, Padawan Representative of the Chicago Jedi Order

(Padawan Representative)


Kraitus Trodráke enjoys discussions about spirituality and is very handy with a lightsaber. As the Padwan Representative, he enhances communication between students in our mentorship program and the leadership of Chicago Jedi. ©2001
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