Are you a Religion?

While we practice the philosophy of the Jedi, we don’t have churches or worship the Force. However, we welcome those who do.

What is your vision/mission?

Inspired by the fictional Jedi in Star Wars, we strive to walk the path of the Jedi in our real lives. More than Star Wars fans, we see a core of truth in its philosophy that is worth bringing into the world. Chicago Jedi strives to: Provide encouragement and opportunities for the spiritual, physical, and mental improvement of our members. Support and assist the local community through fundraising and donation of time. Promote a sense of community, continuity, and involvement within our Chapter and the larger Jedi community. Educate others as to what it means to be a Jedi in the real world.

What activities do you do?

  • Lightsaber work and choreography
  • Archery, Laser Tag, Paintball
  • Book discussions, Movie Nights
  • Meditation, Energy work
  • Charity Events
  • Conventions and Demos
  • Social Dinners, Barbecues, Parties
  • Weekend Jedi Gatherings,
  • and so much more

Can you do real Jedi Mind Tricks?

The short answer to this is, no, we cannot.

What about costumes? Do I need one?

Yes and No. Many Jedi choose to dress up for certain events (e.g. conventions and charity walks) or to celebrate special occasions (Knighting ceremonies). For most of our events we wear our everyday clothes. We will be happy to help you outfit yourself or assist you in making your own personal garb.

Are you all Knights and Masters?

No. Just like the fictional Star Wars universe, a Jedi must earn his or her rank. Knighthood in Chicago Jedi exists to celebrate years of commitment and growth. No matter your age, everyone starts training with a Knight or Master until one has learned enough to pass the Jedi Trials and be knighted. With consistent study and persistence, rising from Padawan to Knight can take about 3 years.

Will I get a Jedi Name?

If you wish. Many of us think and meditate on what our Jedi name will be. Some Jedi choose to use their given name. However, you cannot take on the persona of an existing character in the Star Wars universe. We will gladly help you find whatever name fits you best. Ultimately we want people to aspire for something greater.

Do I need a lightsaber?

In the mythos created by George Lucas, the lightsaber in the unique symbol of the Jedi. It is a badge of membership in the Jedi Order, and a Jedi’s prized possession. We don’t expect you to run out and buy an expensive replica right away. However, we can help in obtaining or even constructing your own lightsaber. We have some practice sabers available when we do lightsaber

How do I get involved with Chicago Jedi?

The best way to start is to fill out our online form or come to one our events and speak with one of our Council Members.